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Nuno felting fun!

Nuno felting is a Japanese fabric felting technique that incorporates wool, a fabric such as silk gauze or chiffon. Soap and water plus some muscle that involves rolling the fabric to start the felting process. So how does the project being made stay together? As you are rolling, the fibers weave their way through the fabric and lock in. The process of using hot and cold water shrink the fabric that holds fiber in place creating a light weight felted piece that will not stretch out of shape.

Great Pyrenees, a natural livestock guardian

I must say I am so proud to own Great Pyrenees dogs. They seem to be programmed naturally for the task at hand which is to guard and protect their herd. I have never owned a more loyal, protective and loving dog. But as they age and begin to slow down a bit we are bringing a few younger ones to the farm to learn the ropes and let the older dogs take it easy a little more. Not that they will! They are up and running at any threat. It is amazing to watch how the younger dogs follow along and

Scout loves the ladies!

We had farm visitors today and of course we always stop by American Scout's pen so he can charm all the ladies with his sweet personality.
He is always a perfect gentleman and I think our visitor would agree!

Guardians of the herd

We have three Great Pyrenees dogs that guard our alpaca herd and our granddaughter too!
They are extremely smart and always on watch making sure their herd is always safe.
Very loving and loyal and I can sleep at night knowing they are there and will take care of business!
This is Bailey, Kye is a new generation, and Juno....well he is off somewhere on the farm in one of his special trenches he digs out so he can keep watch in secret!
His presence will be known in a matter of

New yarn and rovings for sale!

Our new yarn is finally here and ready to sell to all of you out there that love alpaca!
We are so pleased with our yarn this year. We decided to try a few color combinations to get that heathered look and it turned out beautiful! Color combinations of Beige and Bay Black. Also Dark Fawn and Bay Black. Sundancer produced such beautiful bulky yarn with his color that shines like gold.
Come by the farm to purchase if you want to save on shipping!
Rovings have arrived! A few colo